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This Paradox That Is Life
Of Ink Spots & Printed Lines
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Nov.14.04 - NaNo'04 » Day XIV
This daily is SPOILER filled.

Staring up into the night sky, Felikx felt so small and insignificant yet free at the same time.Collapse )

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Nov.09.04 - NaNo'04 » Day IX
Because this new bit of writing is the real first chapter for this novel (w00t!) and isn't exactly finished (boo!), I'll just give the word count.

[No Daily today, folks]

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Aïe, aïe, aïe! Too many days with no writing! @_@ This is NOT a continuation of the previous days but something that entirely jumps the plot...

'Ugh, I'm not feeling too well,' Sven groaned, blinking rapidly at the topsy-turvy room.Collapse )

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Nov.03.04 - NaNo'04 » Day III
I have that 8B-something notebook that houses my actual NaNo but because I tend to go off on tangents, I can't always write in it. Therefore I use the January section of my school diary for those random tidbits :D

'Seb! Look at me!' Oliver shouted. 'Sebastien!'Collapse )

~ + ~

An elderly couple, honeymooners, a man and a woman followed by a sulky teenager...Collapse )

~ + ~

'I presume you are Oliver Jürß?' Pale blue eyes regarded him carefully.Collapse )

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Nov.02.04 - NaNo'04 » Day II
It's tedious work transferring written stuff onto the computer but I have to do it, y'know.

'Sven's sayings are addictive!'Collapse )

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Nov.01.04 - NaNo'04 » Day I
What a wonderful way to begin NaNo, by finishing work at midnight. I handwrote a page but seeing as it's an 8B4 that isn't much. But still, a page is a page :P

'So, what time does his flight get in?' Alex asked Oliver for the umpteenth time.Collapse )

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eLJei addict
As a belated gift for my 3rd anniversary over at FictionPress.com (and FFNet) I present to you:


Chaos, all dressed in black. Lurking
in unseen corners, spying with watchful
eyes. Watching, waiting. A Grim
Reaper who takes peace, strangling an
unsuspecting dove upon its perch.
It watches with gleeful eyes as pure
white feathers fade into a creeping
shadow that drips from the remains,
and down across the ground. An eerie
gloom that silently stifles Peace’s
vicinity with a storm of sinister lethargy.
No breath heard as smoke with malicious
intent swallows up frozen, anxious
beings that nest within the path of
almighty and invincible Chaos.

It gives moment’s silence for peace,
then loud thunderous roaring clouds
the space, clashing black with slashes
of scarlet. Screams of agony tear the
sky and humans clutch themselves in
fear. Shrieks pierce their ears, foulness
blinds their eyes. Eyes clenched shut
to block red that streams through black
like fiery rays of sun. Disorder rains
down in fury of hardened pain, while a
howling tempest snatches at last
of pure shadowless feathers. Lightening
erupts and throws its glare around in
tantrum, frustrated in confines of chaos.

In the eye, screams and wails muted,
the echo of a low savage chortle from
Chaos spreads around. Shadowy tendrils
reach for the ugly, ivory, bloody body
of Peace - a taint in the beauty of ruins
smothered in darkness. Battle won,
Chaos indulges in fleshy ruins. Claws
rip, tear, smear all red, drinking in
final screams like wine to a toast of
victory and of chaotic reign. Eyes
gleeful as it surveys, looking on with
hungry eyes, making slow return
to lurking corners. This thing dressed
all in black-smeared red, Chaos.

Yes, it's the same as the Chaos prompt I did for thetendermuse, except slightly extended and in poetry format :D
Sep.02.04 - Las
eLJei addict
Stereotypically, aren't the quiet ones meant to be the most observant of the bunch?

To see things other don't?

The ones that are into serial killers, and joke they would be killers if not for sanity?

It seems like I was unattentive when the world decided to hold me at arm's length for some unknown reason.

Leaving my quiet mind to dwell in death and gore, wanting to be something that comes with my nature.

Are we the lost ones of society, sitting on the outside watching the world go past?

Observing what others do to others but not what others do to us...
Demon Wings
I've written the first chapter as part of my English assignment. It earned me the highest mark (Excellence) and I have just submitted it to the Katherine Mansfield Young Writers Award.

Just image, if it won the other chapters have a lot to live up to! :P

Without further ado, I present Chapter One of Demon Wings'Collapse )
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