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This Paradox That Is Life
Of Ink Spots & Printed Lines
NaNo'06 » Day III 
(A continuation from this chapter.)

The ground beneath his feet violently shifted upwards, groaning out loud as it did so. It shook with the power that strained to call it, causing the surrounding area to vibrate with it. Sethyn fell to his hands and knees, causing his already pained arm to hurt more, and he grunted.

'Be calm,' he told himself, 'he is an old man. This will not last long...'

Then, without really thinking of what was going on, he felt a psychic call tingle through his veins and the earth beneath him began to shake less violently. Not so much that it was noticeable to his father but enough to make Sethyn blink in shock. Just then a woman’s voice shouted - Mother! - and Sethyn struggled to his knees as his father’s psychic rage attempted to consume him.

As suddenly as it began it all ended. With a less than graceful crash, Sethyn and the ground beneath him dropped downwards, the impact jolting at his shoulder joints. He looked up through his messy hair and saw his father leaning slightly over the chair in front of him, panting heavily at the exertion caused by his power.

He is getting old,’ Sethyn thought to himself, allowing himself to savour in the older man’s apparent weakness.

“HOW DARE YOU!” Sethyn’s mother’s voice shot from behind him, who shakily pulled himself up to his knees. He felt gentle hands urge him to his feet and Sethyn turned his head slightly toward his mother. He started for a moment when he saw her eyes flashing in anger, her cheeks flushed a violent red. “Mot--”

Before he could finish what he was to say, she strode past him, went up to her husband and slapped him hard across the face. Not once but twice. The old man staggered back, instinctively raising a hand to one side of his face. She paused for a moment before she slapped him again.

“He is your son, and here you seek to kill him?” She screamed, her hands clenched at her sides.

Sethyn simply stared with wide eyes at the two of them, mouth open wide enough as if to catch flies with. ‘I have never seen her so angry!’ A scuffling sound behind him made him turn his head again, and saw Roedyn peeking from behind the door frame. Now he was not so cheeky, what with that scared look in his eye but Sethyn was even too shocked with the current situation to tease his younger sibling at the moment.

“I do not care if you are mayor of this city, or come from old blood which is practically dead--” All three males gasped in shock, but she continued, “--but you will NEVER harm our sons by almost killing them! You can be as strict as you like in your punishments but you will never, as long as I live, abuse them to such measures! You are not your father who, thank the Gods, died a very gruesome death! But if you ever do that again...” She trailed off as if unable to finish her sentence, looked at her husband a moment before she turned and left the room.

Sethyn was sure he saw tears in her eyes but she had left too quickly for him to be sure. The sound of a chair scraping hard across the floor reminded Sethyn of his father’s presence in the room and quickly pulled himself to attemtion, his shoulders back, arms behind his back and head up. Even if his mother had slapped his father three times, deep red cheeks proving evidence, nothing would undo the strict practices his father had rigorously drilled into him when it came to respecting his elders. His father, as the head of the Ky’tas family, still commanded attention even if he did not deserve it.

Sethyn noticed the angry glint in his father’s eye and stood even straighter.

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