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This Paradox That Is Life
Of Ink Spots & Printed Lines
NaNo'06 » Day II 
He ground his teeth in frustration, as he stared down at his crying daughter as she huddled against the wall as if it were to give her some comfort or respite. Her loud wailing grating against his ears and his hand itched as he wished to slap her hard across the face.

"Shut up, you little bitch!" He shouted at her. «Shut up!»

Without thinking, he launched himself at her and grabbed her by the hair so she was level with him, then shook her like a rag doll. "You are a disgrace to the ancestors with this foolish behaviour of yours! What do you think they would have done if you were born years ago? Hugged you? No! You would be dead already!"

He then took away his arms, but she held in place with invisible hands as he began to throw every bit of power at her, mentally and physically. Her face slowly turned a lucid shade of blue as the invisible hands tightened their grip, and dark marks appeared around her throat where fingers would have been. Her eyes began to water blood and bulge slightly from their sockets, looking ready to burst like hosework.. A thought of somethings lashed out across her face, leaving behind blood tracks and stinging pain, and her body writhed in bare movement.

Her wails had turned into ghastly chokes of breath and then, quite suddenly, she let out an almighty piercing note as her feeble mental shields snapped and shattered from the mighty enslaught caused by her father. Darkness and hate flooded her mind and took control of her entire being, working its way into her very pores. To harm, to maim, to kill.

The snap sounded throughout the room and a deadly silence follwed it. Jaidis withdrew his 'kinetic hands from his daughter's broken neck and dropped her body unceremoniously to the ground without a hint of remorse. He stared down at the corpse, the face covered in blood lashings and tears, one eye exploded and her neck at an odd angle.

At first he thought nothing, simply staring upon her, then said aloud, "Life is cruel, my daughter-dear, but your ancestors would have done away with you much sooner. Such weakness you show, too much." He paused then cocked his head slightly. "To understand it is all I ask of you, Caelyn. Her death was not in vain."

He turned around fully and regarded his other daughter who stood at the doorl at the furtherest end of the room, watching with listening eyes and her hands by her side.

"I understand, father," she said in an even tone that all but said she did understand. "To honour our ancestors past we must live up to the name they have given us, and to be ever strong in our ways. Weakness is inexcusable."

Jaidis smiled proudly, "You learn well, daughter, and I hope you always remember this lesson. For if you ever show weakness..." His eyes darkened in threat and Caelyn shifted slightly.

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