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This Paradox That Is Life
Of Ink Spots & Printed Lines
NaNo'06 » Day I 
This is jerky, rather two bits of writing together. The second bit isn't structured but I can work on it after NaNo. There is no plot for this NaNo, rather ideas and whatnot.

There isn't really knowing how far you would go during a storm of extraordinary difference to one that you are accustomed to. It is rare in itself to see The Four at once, let alone where one has to venture in the forbidden skies. But when the lunar siblings meet it is a sight to behold. It is not a calm night by any circumstances, obviously, but one of raging storm as the moons of Azada vye for the sky/greet one another as in a long time reunion.

If you happen to see such a sight consider yourself lucky. The blue moon does not go near Ardukia if it has to.

But it happens so that, on such an occasion, known as the Blood Storm, our story does not start. No, for it begins twenty six years prior and the Blood Storm has yet to rage. For this Blood Storm, many years since the last one, will also bring destruction to the world the moons preside over. And this time the tides will change significantly, twisting what the mortals know dearly and changing them into something else. Something more, or something less. Mortal and God alike will feel the change because, simply put, nothing is stronger than nature's own forces and the magic that runs through Azada's veins.

The Raneq will sing, oh yes, it will sing. For the power of the unknown is an even greater sight to behold...

~ + ~

To be simply put, I am the Death God. But because of the mortals and their elemental-crazed ways I have essentially been renamed the Shadow God. I will not argue the merits because the mortal faith is much more powerful than the Gods themselves. You see, you cannot have the people not believe in yu, or else you lose your power over them. What is the point of being all godly and then completely forgotten? You would be merely mortal... (and thus I had my answer). It is that simply. My sister-twin, on the other hand, is life itself. You cannot 'kill' her like the rest of us. She is the one who sings the Life Tune. Essentially the Goddess of us all... except the mortals have oh so lovingly bestowed upon her the mistitlement of Spirit Goddess. But she does not seem to care what they call her.

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