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This Paradox That Is Life
Of Ink Spots & Printed Lines
WotW @ nanoljers: Haircut 
All Green
[Word of the Week] Haircut

"You should cut your hair off, Ez," remarked Shàden, once upon a time ago. "You look like a girl."

Eztien paused in what he was doing and turned slowly to look at his younger brother, a stunned look on his face. "I'm sorry, what?"

Shàden didn't answer him for a moment as he finished off drying the plate in his hand. Setting it down on the table, he faced his brother and calmly looked him in the eye. "You heard me."

Eztien blinked. "Of course I heard you, fool. I was just surprised since you have no room to talk!" He looked pointedly at his brother's longer hair that was in a loose braid over his shoulder. "Pot calling kettle black, don't you think?"

Shàden rolled his eyes and turned back to the bench, reaching for another plate to dry. "That's true enough," he started. "But all things considered, I do not appreciate other people flirting with me, thinking I am you-"


"-or being asked if I have a sister when they find out I'm me. Honestly, you'd think everyone knew that there are two Etra'neh sons." A silence followed as the two looked at each other, Eztien completely bewildered and Shàden, arms crossed, wearing a bored-looking expression that said 'that's why.'

Eztien opened his mouth to retort the closed it again. Shàden raised an eyebrow as if to goad him. 'Well?'

"Well, why don't you get your hair cut off? I'm not the one who's complaining."

"Because I, unlike you, look male no matter which angle you see me from." He turned back to the dishes as his brother simply gaped at him, like a fish out of water. Shàden had obviously been planning this little conversation!

"I can't believe you think I look like a girl!" Eztien exclaimed after a minute, still trying to get over his shock.

Shàden simply looked at him and smirked. "I don't think, I know. Besides," he sniffed, "I like my hair the way it is." He flung his braid back for emphasis as he turned back to the dishes again, ending the conversation.

Eztien simply glowered at his back a moment before he walked out of the room. His muttered comment of "fucking smart arse," as he left made Shàden grin.


Author Note: Don't ask. haha. Seriously, I have no idea where I was going with this, and they were the first two characters to come to mind...
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