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This Paradox That Is Life
Of Ink Spots & Printed Lines
NaNo'05 » Day IV 
“Seth, Seth, Seth. What are we going to do with you?”

Sven looked around him in confusion. “You wouldn’t happen to be meaning me, would you?”

The professor squinted at him through his glasses. “Are you Seth Gerb?”

Sven cringed at the mispronounciation of his surname; the professor making it sound like “gerb.” Had this man even seen his name written down? “Ah, that would be Sven Jürß, sir.”

The professor waved the words off, as if he didn’t really care that he had been saying the wrong name. “Yes, Mr Gerb, let us not waste breathe and time on insignificant details. However, I understand that you wish to enrol in one of our extramural papers for next semester. Unfortunately, because of your age--”

“If you don’t mind me saying so, sir,” Sven interrupted, “but it is said that, in regards to age for entry requirement, a student is to be 17 years or older. I turn 18 next month...”

The professor nodded his head impatiently. “Yes, yes, but--”

“And futhermore, my current grades are surely above adequate enough.”

“Now listen here - the Vice Chancellor may have allowed you to enrol at this university but as head of the humanities department, your admittance into this course is at my utmost discrestion. You may have gotten your way in high school but this is a tertiary institution, Mr Gerb.”

“Jürß,” Sven automatically corrected, earning him a glare from the older man.

“NOw if I let you into this course, what is stopping the next Joe Bloggs from attempting to do what you are doing now?”

“You mean Eric Kallagher? Nein, he’s more into the sciencecs, if I am correct. Not to mention his enrolment has already been accepted.”

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